i don’t like to kill, but i’ve got poison in my bite

May 25, 2009

here’s a little look i’ve put together that seems perfect for any occasion….

face dress by tutu blue, available at pixiemarket.com layered under…



this chambray shirt from l.l. bean.


pair that with these red tights by we love colors…


 and top (or bottom?) the look off with these amazing seychelles shoes.





off with your head, dance till you’re dead

May 25, 2009

i’ve been listening to yeah yeah yeah’s new cd it’s blitz over and over again, especially the first two tracks, which give me neon and strobelight-infested dreams of amazing midnight raves in an old factory building or something. and if one was to attend one of these fantastic raves, here’s what one should wear:

am appy mesh dress in fuschia…


layer the twiggy t from karmaloop.com over it…

twiggy t

pair them with these glorious tripp nyc gold leggings from karmaloop

tripp leggings


pull on this crazy cool am appy skirt over the leggings. you could even tuck in the twiggy t if you wanted…


nothing says “rave” quite like these melissa turquoise jelly shoes


this bangle by steven shein is pure awesomeness


this necklace by steven shein says it all…


top the look off with some sweet sunshiney shades and you’re ready to rave!



rave rave rave


raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

May 22, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things:

1) printed leggings….so much better than pants. psh…pants.


2)frye boots- sturdy and stylish all in one. plus, motor cycle boots have a way of just making you feel badass even when your wearing them with a sweatshirt with little kittens on it…


3) i love a good cat eye.


4) rayban wayfarers. a bit overdone with the hipster set, so it’s not really “cool” to like them anymore. see this is the way it works: a few cool people like something, then it catches on and knockoff are being sold at forever 21 or some shit, and then it’s not cool to like them anymore, cause everyone is wearing them. however, continuing to like something despite this is pretty cool, i think. they are still my favorites.


5) zoya nail polish in “lola”- the absolute best shade of neon pink ever.


6) moleskine note books are amazing. the pages are smooth and thin, and the sleek, discreet black exterior makes you look like you are probably writing something very interesting (or at least angst-ridden) to passers by.


7) my hello kitty back pack. seriously, that’s all i even need to say. so unbadass that its actually badass.


8) urban decay anything


9) nylon and missbehave magazines. they are both awesome in their own way. p.s. RIP missbehave, you will be greatly missed. and nylon, don’t keep putting pretentious, mainstream bitches on your cover, you can do better than that. other than the fact that one of them has been axed and the other is slowly going to magazine hell, i love them dearly.


10) call me blair waldorf all you want, but i love outlandish headbands.



au revoir mes amies…

May 22, 2009



i am completely beside myself. my all-time favorite magazine and website has gone down the shitter. i’m talking about MissBehave. it was the only hilarious, brutally honest, truly alternative magazine out there, and now it’s gone. and i am PISSED. samantha, the head of it or whatever, has decided to end the business that was MB to be a stay at home mom. for serious bitch? really? what about all your loyal readers??? why not just hand the business over to someone awesome, like sarah morrisson???? she’d be cool. or even fucking sinead for that matter? at least the bitch cares about the magazine more that this samantha person does. 


okay my rant is over. 



thanks for reading it haha!


one more time

May 20, 2009

yes, that was our prom theme this year, “one more time.” do i understand it? no. did i go? yes. was it awesomely bad? also yes.  honestly, they mixed that awful “don’t stop believing” journey song in with like, techno beats. then we took a brief dip into the ninties (and not it a good way) with some more shitty tunes. but here are my pictures anyway:

ellie, amy, and moi

ellie, amy, and moi

the lads. matt, stephen, and nick

the lads. matt, stephen, and nick

in front of the chi

in front of the chi

i wanna hear the whistle blow and the feelings go…

May 12, 2009

here’s a look i’m really into for the summer:


summer is shorts season. but if you’re like me and don’t feel super comfortable bearing it all in a pair of daisy dukes, and find bermuda shorts to be a little too country-club for you, then these free people shorts are a perfect solution. it’s as if the aforementioned daisy dukes and bermudas had a totally bad ass love child.

since the shorts are longer, you can definetly go skimpier on top.  this slim cut tank top is cool and easy, and has a not-trying-too-hard vibe to it. 

the bag adds a great pop of color. i usually think the term “pop of color” is kind of stupid, something used when 40 year old fashion editors at magazines like glamour or some bullshit want you to add a kicky shoe to your black pantsuit. but anyways, the bag is a great color and it “pops” so i will use the term here.

the bracelet and shoes are both nice additions, keeping up with the effortless, slightly punky look.


daaaaaamn boy, what’s wrong with you?

May 10, 2009

taylor hollingsworth is my new favorite person. ever. he’s really talented musically, but that’s beside the point. the fact that he can man handle a guitar like no one’s business is just a side note to his greatness. he seems like he usually wears that trucker hat to cover up his hair because it hasn’t been washed in days. and for that, i love him. he has the only southern accent i have ever been attracted to. seriously. it’s actually endearing. and for that, i love him. he is hot as hell. and for that, i love him. oh, and he wrote and sings lead on one of my favorite songs, snake hill. and for that, i love him.

mr. taylor hollingsworth, southern down home boy extraordinare:



it’s finally hereeeeeee!

May 5, 2009

my all-time favorites, conor oberst and the mystic valley band, have a new cd out today. and it’s fucking amazing. literally everysong.

the glorious cover

the glorious cover

the entire band is amazing. they all contribute to every single song with an important part. and it’s not just a vehicle to boost conor to even more super stardom either. the other band members, like macey taylor, nik freitas, jason boesel, and taylor hollingsworth all have songs they’ve written and sing lead vocals on too. 

my personal favorite song is roosevelt room. originally in the lineup for a new bright eyes cd, it’s probably the first bad ass classic rock song ever since i’ve been alive.

lyrically and melodically, all the songs are beautiful. they don’t cut any corners, these boys.

so go out to your local record store and buy yourself outer south. it won’t disappoint you, believe me. i just bought mine and am listening to it as we speak 😀


sugar anything you wanna do

May 4, 2009

i felt like a bit of a blog.

this is my friends and i. they are wonderful.

me and chelsea....at shizue's

me and chelsea....at shizue's

me and min...at earwax

me and min...at earwax

me and eve...at nyfa

me and eve...at nyfa

yes. cloisters = love

yes. cloisters = love

jessye and me... train

jessye and me... train


that’s it. just felt like posting a bit about my life. check out the ABCs of styel. i enjoyed writing it.



May 4, 2009
styel is all about awesome things. problem is, there’s so damn much of it, it’s hard to keep it all straight. so here, i’ve alphabetized for your reading pleasure:

A: Acid Wash- whether it’s t-shirts or jeans or anything in between, acid washed stuff is straight up awesome.

B: Bangs- straight cut, blunt bangs are probably my favorite thing in the entire world. they are on the manes of my all-time favorite leading ladies too, aka zooey deschanel and jenny lewis, and both of them always look amazing.

the darling ms. lewis

the darling ms. lewis

(pic from philebrity.com)

C:  Chelsea Farmer- my bestie mate, she is amazing. she dresses in ridiculously adorable clothes (think: a western style shirt with little cowboy boots all over it, or a psycadelic-print tank dress), is waifishly thin, and has the attitude of an eager, wiked 9 year old girl. what’s not to love?



D: Dinosaurs- yes, i know they’re extinct, but that doesn’t keep them from being awesome.  dinosaur prints are my new favorite motif becuase they remind me of my childhood while simultaneously looking unexpected and adorable.

E: Eagle on a Pole- the version of the song on the new conor oberst and the mystic valley band CD, outer south, written by jason boesel. truly magnificant.

F: Farmer Joe- well, not farmer joe himself, but famer joe’s duds. flannel shirts and overalls are shockingly attractive on right now. just don’t wear them together. unless your name is farmer joe.

G: Grecian headbands: a cross between a hippie -style headband and a regular one, these look great on any hairstyle.

le grecian headband

le grecian headband

(pic from free people)

H: Holden Caulfield- i am in love with this guy. i imagine him to be extremely attractive, and his wittiness and whininess never ceases to entertain me. never. wanna fight about it, cause bitch i WILL cut you if you bad mouth my man.

I: Intricacy- i’m all about intricate outfits, with tons and tons of necklaces and bracelets piled on, lots of ruffles and tiers, all the bells and whistles.

J: Jumpers- aka sweaters. but i’m an anglophile, so to me anything the british say is that much better.

K: Kitty, Hello- she’s just super kawaii, that’s all i have to say. i have a hello kitty back pack that i use for school everyday. i am a senior in highschool. i am not ashamed either.

L: Little Girl Style- bows, ruffles, floral prints, bright colors, silly make up and accessories…..i don’t wanna grow up!

M: Me- not to sound narcisitic, but i am including myself in this list because i write styel blog, and i’ll do what i want. just kidding. i am really including myself in this list becuase i figure you glorious readers out there should know a little about me. i love new york. i hate fake people. there you have it.

that would be moi

this would be me ^^

N: Nail Art- remember this from the 90s? i do. and it’s back and more ridiculous than ever. you can go the more subdued route, or you can go all out ghetto nails on our asses. which ever you choose, it will be awesome.



O: Organic shit- i love the earth. that is why i love organic things, like make up and shampoo and lotion, oh my! aveda’s my favorite, because it smells delish, but there are a lot of options out there, so there’s no excuse not to go green.

P: Plaid- whether it’s school girl skirts or flannel shirts or greg bradey style pants, i’m all about plaid anything.

Q: Queens- no i’m not talking about royalty here, but if  i had it my way, the real queens would be royalty. the real queens being gay men, like my gbff kyle. they can get away with saying shit that no one else could, and for that, i love them.

R: Red Bull- i am drinking a sugar free red bull as we speak. they are delicious and give you wings as the adds say. though i have yet to sprout any actual wings, with the amount i drink, i wouldn’t be surprised if a few feathers started sprouting up any day now… plus, you can mix it with vodka. there you go.

S: Sequins- sequins are fun. that’s all there is to it. you can put them on anything and they will make you look like a techinicolor dream. so get out that bedazzler and start sticking ’em on anything and everything.

i love this.

(pic from freepeople.com)

T: Tats- though i have none at the moment, there will definitely be one on my left wrist in the very near future. they are an ancient way to express yourself, going way back in the day to tribes and stuff like that, but they still remain just as cool today.

U: Underwear- probably the most under ratedly awesome garment, next to the sock. i love undies, especially frilly lacey ones and brightly colored ones. so who cares if your low rider jeans show them off while you’re sitting down? all i have to say is i see london, i see france, i love awesome underpants.



V: Vampy make up- red lips, cat eyes, tons of black eye liner. it’s sexy and always will be.

W: Wenis- hahaha. wenises. they’re funny.

X: X-ray vision: would not that be the most amazing super power ever? i think so.

Y: Yelchin, Anton- he’s the hot hostage from that movie with emile hirsh and j. timberlake. he’s been in some other stuff too, but that’s all i’ve ever seen him in. anyway, he’s super hot.




Z: Zebra Print- hands down the best animal print. while leopard has the potential to say “i’m a desperate hooker,” zebra print is simultaneously more subdued and more bad ass. go ahead, show your stripes.