au naturel

i’ve recently switched all of my beauty products over to organic options. here’s a list of my favorites:

1) nude facial cleanser, because it removes make up and cleanses at the same time. no more annoying raccoon eyes after you’ve washed your face, hooray!

2) aveda shampure– it smells wonderful, like i would imagine a groovy lady from the early 70s would have smelled like.

3) alba organics midnight tuberose body wash, becuase it also smells delish. very exotic and fresh.

4) almay pure blends mascara makes lashes look feather and thick in one coat. plus, it’s hypoallergenic. i tried the physicians formula organics marcara, but it burnt my eyes, so this is a great option for lush lashes.

5) dr. haushka cover stick matches my fair skin perfectly, which surprised me, since it’s usually really hard to find a concealor that’s light enough for my skin.

6) korres eyeshadow comes in the prettiest coppery golden shade, so nice.

there you go, tree huggers, start a’shoppin.



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