i was in j.crew with my sister today when all of a sudden, they started playing L.E.S. Artistes by Santigold. WTF right?  j.crew? santigold? no. just, no.  you may be wondering why i was in a j.crew to begin with. i have a perfectly logical explination: my sister wanted to go there. she’s a super preppy sorority girl. so anyway, that’s my little story for the day.









One Response to “really?”

  1. mari Says:

    hahah agreed! but i’ve gotten used to hearing santogold everywhere. shes on the miller commercials and she mad e a good point saying that using your music in advertising is pretty much the only way to make money if you’re in the music biz nowadays.

    biggest wtf moment for me was hearing MORRISSEY at old navy!!!!!

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