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April 22, 2009

jenny reyes has toured with her friends jenny lewis, the watson twins, and rilo kiley making clothes for them, and now she is letting the adoring public in on some of the action.  her newest collection for her line, geronimo, is an amazing smattering of high-waisted shorts and bikinis, skirts and vests, all of which come in a glorious, vintage-inspired selection of prints and solids.  needless to say, i am obsessed.

here are my favorites:

the ‘jenny’ bathing suit…



the morgan swimwear set….



love love love!



styel icon: jenny lewis

April 22, 2009

I would’ve killed to have seen jenny lewis at coachella this year. she is my idol. she is so amazingly talented and stylish and beautiful that i thought i would share some of the secrets to her amazingness with all of you styel readers out there. here are the elements of ms. lewis’s style…

1) the essential romper. she basically lived in them for the “under the black light” tour with her band rilo kiley. this one from topshop is a great option for spring:



2) girlie , retro dresses are another staple in jenny’s wardrobe. i love this one from urban outfitters…



3) whether she’s playing on stage or strolling down the boulevard in silver lake, jenny can almost always be seen in an amazing hat like this amazing one from american apparel…



there you have it! three essentials to achieving a style like the lovely jenny lewis.


i heart ny

April 12, 2009

i’ve been thinking a lot lately about going to college next school year.  i’ll be going to nyu, which i am incredibly excited about, and i’ve been thinking a lot about what i’m going to bring with me for my new life in new york city. 

this is what i came up with:

black, black, and more black. i’m glad that my staple color will make me fit right in in my new home, since it’s been a favorite of new york’s inhabitants for ages. here are some key pieces:

this american apparel black acid wash t is a new spin on the old standard black t-shirt uniform




a leather motorcycle vest by alexander wang is a great way to add edge to any outfit, any season




these black alexander wang jeans are perfect for everyday (literally), and since i expect to be doing as little laundry as possible, they will be perfect for me and just about every other college student out there.




these amazing heels by l.a.m.b. are perfect for nights out in any neighborhood in new york, or dring the day when paired with the right outfit.



now that i’ve picked out the clothes and shoes for my life as an nyu student, all that’s left is to graduate and go!


valle mystico

April 7, 2009

conor oberst and the mystic valley band is releasing their second album, outer south, on may 5th, and to honor one of my all-time favorite artists (that would be mr. oberst) and his newest incarnation as a folk rock god with the band, i decided to dedicate this blog to folk-rock fashion.  i give you, the elements:

step 1: obtain cool leather jacket, like this men’s style by colombia. oversized and slightly weathered, it’s perfect.



step 2: layer aforementioned cool leather jacket over mystic valley band t-shirt like this one:



step 3: pair with a great printed mini like this little beauty from kimchi blue



step 4: put on a pair of great, tough looking boots like these fryes



step 5: accessorize with a chunky bracelet, like this stone cuff, and a cool necklace, like this one with the harmonica charm




now your ready to hit coachella, bonnaroo, what have you, to see the mystic valley band in style.

until next time,


i wonder if you know how they live in tokyo…

April 7, 2009


nobody likes it, and i have it. i just got back from a trip to tokyo, where i made it my personal mission to try to figure out what exactly makes those  japanese women so damn stylish…or should i say, styelish…

here are a few of my observations:

1)on the grown women of tokyo’s version of fifth avenue ( the fashionable ginza district) and the young girls of harajuku alike, knee socks were everywhere. specifically, black knee socks. this might sound strange at first, but when paired with a great shoe and chic skirt, the look was surprisingly good. here is one option from betsey johnson that will do just the trick for all you wannabees…



2) one thing that the japanese have on us is amazing outerwear. everywhere i turned, there was a painfully chic man or woman wearing an amazing coat or jacket. this one by BB Dakota is sure to make you look painfully chic too…



3) no matter how far the women of tokyo have to walk, they always wear amazing heels like these confections by rsvp…



4) small, designer label bags were running rampant throughout tokyo. be it vuitton, gucci, or fendi, little handbags with big labels were on the arm of tokyo’s most stylish. i found this to be odd, since i usually think of flashy designer labels on any item of clothing to be tacky, but somehow, these women pulled it off as just a lux little detail in their otherwise label-free ensemble. this one by louis vuitton is a favorite of mine…



so there you have it–the elements of tokyo style in a delicious little nutshell.




April 5, 2009

welcome to styel blog.

after numerous attempts on lesser blogging sites (some of you lovely readers might recognize STYEL from uber) to bring the cyber world my ruminations on fashion, beauty, and the like, STYEL is finally up and running!

so read on, fellow fashion lovers of the world!