all the rest aside, you’re still one of my kind

July 19, 2009

my friend joecat and i went to the conor oberst and the mystic valley band concert in chicago this past week. needless to say, it was the best night of my life. here are some pictures from it…



mr. oberst

mr. oberst

taylor hollingsworth rockin out

taylor hollingsworth rockin out

tatatataylor and moi

tatatataylor and moi




au naturel

July 8, 2009

i’ve recently switched all of my beauty products over to organic options. here’s a list of my favorites:

1) nude facial cleanser, because it removes make up and cleanses at the same time. no more annoying raccoon eyes after you’ve washed your face, hooray!

2) aveda shampure– it smells wonderful, like i would imagine a groovy lady from the early 70s would have smelled like.

3) alba organics midnight tuberose body wash, becuase it also smells delish. very exotic and fresh.

4) almay pure blends mascara makes lashes look feather and thick in one coat. plus, it’s hypoallergenic. i tried the physicians formula organics marcara, but it burnt my eyes, so this is a great option for lush lashes.

5) dr. haushka cover stick matches my fair skin perfectly, which surprised me, since it’s usually really hard to find a concealor that’s light enough for my skin.

6) korres eyeshadow comes in the prettiest coppery golden shade, so nice.

there you go, tree huggers, start a’shoppin.


i been down to dixie and dropped acid on my tongue, tripped upon the land untill enough was enough

June 9, 2009

so there are a lot of different kinds of drug out there. i don’t know why, but i started thinking about the kinds of clothes that different drug users/abusers wear. and i came up with this:

for the heroin lovers out there, the aptly named “junkie” pants by kill city:


for the acid droppers, lots of acid wash will do the trick:


for the party-loving ecstacy popper, this fun, bright dress is perfect for dancing allllll night long:


and last, for the stoners, a cannabis-printed romper:


pomp and circumstance

June 7, 2009

well, class of 09, we did it! we are done with the special kind of hell that is high school! i feel so relived on so many levels its unbelievable! i absolutely cannot wait to get to nyu in august, i know it will be so amazing and that so many new doors that i didn’t even know existed will open.  i can’t wait to get out of here haha!  here is my graduation day outfit:

moi, the high school graduate :D
moi, the high school graduate 😀

dress by ella moss

shoes by seychelles

necklace from target

watch belt from urban outfitters

cloooooose up

cloooooose up

 i used physician’s formula eye definer felt-tip eye marker for the cat eyes

making a small mockery of it all by wearing my dog wear the hat

making a small mockery of it all by wearing my dog wear the hat


congrats grads!



June 7, 2009

i was in j.crew with my sister today when all of a sudden, they started playing L.E.S. Artistes by Santigold. WTF right?  j.crew? santigold? no. just, no.  you may be wondering why i was in a j.crew to begin with. i have a perfectly logical explination: my sister wanted to go there. she’s a super preppy sorority girl. so anyway, that’s my little story for the day.








” i’ve got hats for you!!” -jessye

June 3, 2009

when one of my bestie friendies, jessye, was little, she used to dip the tips of her fingers in melted candle wax to make “hats” for her fingers and say “i’ve got hats for youuuuuuuuu!”

these are not those hats:

am appy wool floppy hat:

am appy hat


Claudette Chapeau mini turquoise hat from

chapeau claudette hat


s loves c bow hat from urban outfitters:

s loves c bow hat



feelin the groove

June 1, 2009

i just started listening to antibalas, and i love it. it makes me think of sitting in a dim swanky speakeasy back in the day, wearing a very film noir hat and sipping gin, or walking around the streets of the west village in the summer time in a brightly colored sundress .  here are some little items that are inspired by these lovely tunes:

this fabulously foxy straw hat from urban outfitters:

urban hat

this bright, happy, jazzy dress from anthropologie:


this lovely scarf:

rose scarf

happy listening


desperately seeking styel

June 1, 2009

i just watched the best movie: desperately seeking susan. and while the plot was great and all, i couldn’t take my eyes off the clothes. seriously. they are amazing. if you haven’t watched it run over to blockbuster asap and rent it. you will not be disappointed. so. the clothes. here are some key pieces to get the fabulous susan look:

ankle boots like these by marc by marc jacobs are totally something susan would’ve worn. a little sweet like roberta, a little sassy like susan.


this tutu from tripp nyc is for sure something susan would rock, day or night, with an awesome leather jacket.


this leather motorcycle jacket from is perfection. ignore the tacky woman in “modeling” it haha

leather up

this bow  from urban outfitters is just like the one susan wore to compliment her perm.

urbanoutfitters bow



it’s a big world and its not fair to me to have to stay when there’s so much to see

June 1, 2009

you know that feeling you get of just wanting to move on with your life? the yearning and the urgency of that? that’s how i feel right now about graduating high school. i cannot fucking wait.  a new stage of my life is beginning as of june 7th, and i can’t wait to just get there.  i’ll be going to new york with some of my favorite people in the whole world. and while some other favorites of mine are staying close to home or moving out to cali or just drifting farther away with each second that passes, i’m not really too sad about that. does that make me sound like a shitty friend? probably. but you know, the good friends you have you’ll keep in touch with, and see when you go back home and it wont ever be like it was, but it’ll be sweet then too.

okay i just had to give a little opening paragraph dedicated to what’s going on inside my head and in my life right now.

now onto styel-related things. 

summer is here (for the most part) and you all know what that means: music festivals: yes yes and thrice yes! and one of the best parts of said events is getting to people watch and see what everyone else is wearing, besides the amazing music.  here are some of my favorite things for les festives de music (that might not be an actual french term, but it sounded like one to me…):

the denim jacket, amped up about a thousand notches with sweet back detail. by hellz bellz,

denimjacket hellzbellz

an awesome cross-body bag that takes a bit of a rock and roll turn with all the hardware and zippers. by katzi,

katzi bag

the cowboy boot: perfect for stompin around the festival grounds, and really cool looking besides, with all the studs and bells and whistles. by frye,

frye deborah studs

a t-shirt displaying your love of your favorite artist is a nice touch, like this sweet jenny lewis tee.



the rest is up to you, much like how i feel about my life right now….the rest is up to me 😀


styel icon: cory kennedy

May 26, 2009

there are a lot of haters out there, but the lovely ms. cory kennedy doesn’t let that cramp her style.  people love to hate her for being young, beautiful, and above all, stylish.  but i love to love her because she’s truly got her own style that’s random as hell but somehow cohesive at once. 

many people think she’s famous for no reason, but here’s the real reason she’s skyrocketed to the neon-lights of fame: she was “discovered” by mark “the cobrasnake” hunter, and photographed for him website. people loved the pictures of her, and she gained a following online. mark introduced her to the nylon staffers, where she then scored herself a sweet regular column, cory’s corner.  since then she’s been the spokesmodel for beauty brands like urban decay and sebastien, and still remains a fixture in nylon and other fashion and art magazines today.

all below pics from









styel icon x 1298463829475293!